Jet Skiing in San Diego

This past Monday, my girlfriends and I drove down to San Diego, California. It was a great day to be out and about because of it being Memorial Day. Everyone was doing something fun to celebrate the holiday. We were also celebrating an early birthday for one of my girlfriends.

We had brunch at a place called Great Maple and built our energy up with Better Buzz Coffee. We were preparing for what was ahead of us that day…something fun and wild!


We booked an hour long ride for two jet skis from San Diego Bay Adventures. The company showed us an informative video. It was almost making me hold back because a portion of the video showed examples of real life scenarios where people were fatally hurt. It still helped a lot making us more conscious of how to handle the machine. The price was well worth the experience because you could explore the entire San Diego Bay. You could speed past all of downtown San Diego, Coronado Bridge, large naval ships, yachts, and cute seals!


I had never ridden a jet ski by myself. I had always ridden in the back of someone else driving one. These things have so much power. We flew across the bay without even falling off the jet skis. Thank goodness. It may be intimidating to some, one of my girls who came along to San Diego actually did not want to partake in that day’s jet ski experience because she was scared of the risks. So myself and my other girlfriend, Annamae, had us each one jet ski to ourselves.


I loved the rush and the feeling of being free on this day. Sometimes you have to live a little even if it means taking chances. You will grow so much from experiences out of your comfort zone!

More videos and pictures are on my Instagram @abby_pascual

Do you guys also like doing wild things like this? If so, check out San Diego Bay Adventures if you are ever in that area. They will surely take good care of you and your safety! (Here)

xo, Abby




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